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AutoreTitoloData / MarcaPrezzo € / Note
Allen toussaintthe wild sound of new orleans25
Big joe turnergreatest hits15
Billy pricethey found me guilty15
Billy price&the keystoneis it over15
Blues projectreunion in cetral park25
Bobby bland bluesin the night15
Buzzcocksin a different kitchen20
Carmelthe drum is everything15
Carmelthe falling15
Cortney pinedestiny’s song10
Eddie cochranthe25th anniversary album25
Eric burdon and warthe black-man’s burdon35
Flamin grooviesroadhouse20
Fleetwood mac etc…blues jam in chicago25
James whitesax maniac20
James whitejames chance20
James whiteoff white25
James white+contortionslive at the bains douches20
James white+contortionssecond chance20
John hiattbring the family15
John hiattslow turning15
Louis primathe best of louis prima13
Mainsqueezemainsqueeze recorded live20
Martin stephensongladsome humor &blue20
Marvin gayelets it on12
Otis rushright place wrong time15
Otis rushso many roads live concert15
Paul geremiaI really don’t mind livin’20
Roomful of blueslive at the lupo’s heartbreak hot15
Roy rogerschops not chaps15
Russ tolmantotem polesand glory holes13
Ry cooderbop till you drop15
Ry cooderin a mist15
Ry cooderbop till you drop15
Ry coodersoundtrack blue city20
Ry cooderin a mist bootleg45
Ry cooderlive in milan 82 bootleg40
Ry cooderlive in milan may 4.82 ed lim40
South central ave.municipal…..the soul of bonnie & clyde15
Tav falcosugar ditch revisited20
Tav falco&panther burnsshake rag e.p.20
Tav falco’spanther bluesthe world we knew25
Ted hawkinson the boardwalk25
Ted hawkinswatch your step25
The o’kanestived of the running15
The butterfield blues bandeast west25
The de luxe blues bandfirst live15
The electric bluebirdslive in london15
The jazz butcherhamburg15
The moonlightersrush hour10
The paul butterfield blues bandincense,herbs.oils30
The triffidsraining pleasure15
Townes van zandtlive& obscure25

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